My name is Valentine. I am a chocolate Lab. My birthday is September 5th. Here is a picture of me as a puppy and another photo of how I look all grown up.

I live in a big busy city called New York. I love to play. My favorite game is tug of war when I pull on my toy rope.


All Labrador dogs love the water so I can swim really great. This is a picture of me swimming. I give kids rides in theswimming water when they hold on to my tail! Isn’t that amazing?



Guess what? I can talk too. When I want to go outside I bark, WOOF, WOOF. If I tap you with my paw, it means “pet me”. And when I want to play I bring a toy to you. If I lick my mouth I am saying that I am hungry. It’s so easy!

Follow my paws and I'll tell you some more about me.
 Favorite treat: carrotDog treats with red bowcarrots and dog biscuits. I could eat them all day!

Hobby: chasing squirrels and swimming

Special talent: I am trained to come whenever I hear my owner blow a whistle - no matter how much fun I am having.  I run toward the whistle sound and sit. 

My favorite place to sleep: my snuggly dog bed. 

What are some of the things that you like?  Do you have a favorite treat? 

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