Meet My Friends

I have a lot of friends that I play with in Central Park! There are many different kinds of dogs and many different colors. Do you know what a “breed” of dog is? A “breed” is a group of dogs that have the same relatives and the same type of noses and eyes and tails and ears. There are about 340 different breeds of dogs!

I am a Labrador Retriever – but then within that breed, I am a chocolate lab. Do you know what that means? I’m chocolate colored! Do you like chocolate? What is the color of a chocolate Hershey bar? That’s right! It’s brown! My friends are all different sizes and colors. They are all different breeds! I have a lot of friends and will tell you about them.

I am a pretty big dog, but not as big as the Irish Wolfhound!  It doesn’t matter, my friends come in all sizes! Can you match up the dogs with the names below?

  • Chihuahua (Little)

  • Irish Wolf Hound (Big)

  • Jack Russell Terrier(Medium)

  • Beagle (Medium)

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