My First Book

I'm so excited about my first book!  One of the authors is MY HUMAN! My stories are all true things that happen in New York City. Most of the things happen to me or my friends. 

My activities in New York City are just like activities that you and your family do in your town! I go to school, to puppy parties, I work out at a dog gym with other doggy friends. I go swimming in a pool and have play dates with my friends. New York City even has restaurants that I can go to with my humans.
I love adventure and everything in New York City is exciting and fun. I can't wait to tell you all the things that happen every day!


Meet My Team


Debbie Gallin - Author

Debbie is a professional educator who began her career as an early childhood classroom teacher and went on to earn her master's degree in reading and learning disabilities. After working as a school-based reading specialist for elementary-aged children, she earned her PhD in school administration.  She has served as supervisor, a private school director and an assistant superintendent.  She currently resides in New York City with her husband and their Labrador Retriever.

Susie Simpson - Author

Susie has always loved writing and telling stories.  A wife and mother of two grown sons, she has experienced a myriad of interesting life events that fuel her humor and her stories.  The co-authors became best friends in fifth grade, and although they now live 442 miles apart, this project brought them together to write the true-life adventures of Valentine, a Chocolate Lab who lives in New York City. She lives in Solon, Ohio with her husband.

Janealla Killebrew - Illustrator

Janealla is an award-winning watercolor artist who received her BFA and MA from Bowling Green University. She recently retired after 38 years as a much-loved art teacher. She maintains a studio in the historic Jones Building in Findlay, Ohio and is also owner of The Gaslight Gallery, an artists' cooperative in Findlay.  Her work has been exhibited in several galleries in Ohio, as well as Switzerland and the Dominican Republic.


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