New York City

Central Park

is a BIG park in New York City that is close to my house. After I wake up and have my breakfast I get so excited because I’m pretty sure we are going to Central Park. I get to see all my friends and meet new friends too! Central Park is SOOOOO big that I have never even seen all of it!

 I want to tell you about some of the things I see when I am playing in Central Park.

 3 bears
The first thing I see is this statue of the 3 Bears! Can you count them to make sure there are 3 bears? I run all around them on the way to meet my friends.
boatpond_sizedThis is a picture of the Boat Pond. Guess how it got that name? Yep, kids bring toy boats and sail them on the water. BUT Dogs are NOT allowed to swim in the pond!
There are so many tall buildings and statues and monuments.  Do you know what this one is?  That’s right!  It is the Statue of Liberty!

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